As we were building Undock, it was critically important for us to understand what people liked and hated about products that were mainly booking pages or AI bots.

While people appreciated that they could "set and forget" a passive calendar page for incoming bookings – they felt absolutely awkward about using it for actively scheduling meetings.

One of our beta users told us:

Look, I live in my calendar. I need something to help me out, I just can't use booking pages. It's simply inappropriate for meeting with clients. I can't tell someone who is paying me a lot of money to do all the work.

Another person said something very similar:

I was engaged in a months long conversation with a potential partner. We were about so sign an agreement together when this person sent me a link to their calendar page. I couldn't believe it – was he saying that his time was more valuable than mine? We never had the meeting.
Booking pages are great for some instances – which why we have them at Undock. However, we believe that most scheduling happens in emails. Data from our Private Beta shows that only 15% of meetings are done through booking pages.

With this pattern in mind, we've built Undock as an augmentation of a person's normal work flow. Solving the pain of scheduling without passing the buck to a cold third party.

We're incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Public Beta.

Undock's predictive scheduling engine works like autocomplete. Say you’re arranging a meeting in email. As you type, Undock suggests mutually preferred meeting times - instantly.

These predictions take into account what we know about YOU. Your availability, your preferences, and your scheduling behavior. We compare this with everyone else on the email.

Even though Dima is in Ukraine I never have to think about time zones. 

It doesn’t matter if they work at another company. Or if they’re on Microsoft and you’re on Gmail. We can even make predictions if the other person doesn’t have Undock.

It works like magic. And it’s always learning.

We invite you to try our free predictive scheduling engine. Sign up takes 30 seconds, which is 10x longer than it takes to schedule a meeting with 10+ people across 4+ timezones (seriously).

Want to instantly schedule meetings without ever looking at a calendar? Undock compares calendar availability and preferences of all meeting participants – regardless of calendar tools, organization, and time zone – to suggest the best time. You should join our wait list here.