On Thursday November 12th, Undock welcomed the global tech community to engage with Undock I, our first public beta for Undock Scheduling. We view the calendar as the last untapped social network and our mission is to protect your most precious asset - time. That led the team to instinctively rally behind a space travel-infused launch theme, A Time Odyssey.

The event opened with a dynamic and inspiring launch video during which one attendee opined, “I feel like I’m watching a Christopher Nolan production.” That’s a testament to our entire team, led by Founder and CEO Nash Ahmed, Co-founder and CMO Lizelle van Vuuren, and Co-founder and CRO David Altman.

Mutual availability, predictive scheduling, and privacy are the backbone of Undock Scheduling. They facilitate the slick experience that lets you confirm a time to meet in mere seconds. Launch attendees participated in a lively Q&A and probed into each of those three pillars. The group echoed enthusiasm for the anticipated time savings upon realizing benefits such as:

  1. Accessing their calendar availability directly in the body of an email
  2. Finding preferred meeting times across organizations
  3. Never having to think about time zones
  4. Establishing preferred meeting slots and maximum hours per day
  5. Sharing availability without disclosing calendar contents

Other launch highlights include attendance from guests as far away as Melbourne and Lagos, a shoutout from comedian Hannibal Buress, and enthusiastic social engagement for our Apple watch giveaway.

As the event wrapped, the chat room started to percolate with questions about future integrations and upcoming features. Our team was happy to indulge while pointing those on the call to our sign up for Undock II, a follow-on unveiling that we are working to deliver early 2021.

If you missed it, check out our recap video, and sign up for Undock to join us on the next leg of the journey.